[Note] 20.5.2009

(lảm nhảm)

Nothing merely, just ignore what you saw if you don’t like. I’m writing in English *when I am pissed off* ~___~

*talking-nonsense mood : on*

Maybe I will delete all the SH lyrics and everything related in this blog, quit translating those and so on. But, it is just a intention =__= I will try to calm down. I am such a hot-tempered one =__=

Though, I truly need someone to kill me. I am at a standstill.

*talking-nonsense mood : off*

After all, everything will be fine without me. I am nothing but an abandoned mortal.

*abandoned dò trên Baamboo còn có nghĩa là “phóng đãng, trụy lạc”, giời ạ =)*


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Lunalis firr ayaile minatro, bleiei yarr drrojitu.

4 thoughts on “[Note] 20.5.2009”

  1. Fortunately, “that” person is not you or my hatred started from you ^__^ Just ignore it, it is not your fault anyway. As I said, I would try to calm down, but the stubborn me won’t allow it happen too easily ^__^
    Sorry for making you worry ^^”

  2. It’s ok. It is not you or your fault. Now, I can calm down, so it’s fine, no need to worry.
    By the way, do your best and good luck with the exams ^__^

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