[Vocaloid] // Cendrillon (English version)

I made some changes in the Vietnamese translation, and a certain strange thought impulsed me to “give birth” to this English translation. My English is crappy, so bear with it LOL

Here she comes, a poor Cinderella enchanted by her “fairy godmother”. She would go to the ball and kill the prince, then she struggled against the enchantment while falling in love with him. The stab still went on, and in the end, our Cinderella was engulfed with her thoughts about their {love}, without letting us know whether the prince were alive, or what happened after her stab…

And my “imouto”, the next (may) be that song of yours =]



サンドリヨン (Cendoriyon)
*Cendrillon means Cinderella/ash (in French).


Asa made odoru yume dake misete
Tokei no kane ga toku mahou
Aimai na yubi sasou kaidan
Sandan tobashi ni hanete iku
Dancing with you until morning, seemed like only a dream
It would disappear when the bell raised its sound
Ambigous fingers, beckoning stairs
I skipped three in one step

Basha no naka de furueteta
Mijime na furugi mekuri megure yoru no fudou
Trembling in the carriage
You wore such miserable old clothes, tapping tonight’s waltz over and over

Mi shiranu kao sagasu sasayaku ano koe ga
Nigirishimeta yaiba tsukitate subete wo ubae to
Minashigo tsudou shiro emi kamen ni kaite
Itsuwari no itsukushimi sae hane de tsutsumu SERAPHU
I was seeking for you among those strange faces, as that whispering voice guided me
Even grasping that dagger tightly, that encounter took me entirely
The orphan, who I met in the castle, hiding behind the mask
It may be a fake love, though, she was still a seraph with white wings

Hai no naka de akaku tokete majiru garasu no kutsu
The glass slippers was fusing inside the red ash

Imasara kaeru furuete iru no
Anata ga me wo yaru tokei
Kutsunugi odoru SUROOPU nukete
Nodo made nobiru yubi no saki de
I should return at this late hour, but my body was still trembling
The clock sight reflected in your eyes
Our dance led us to the threshold, then came a slope
The tips of my fingers reached out to your neck

Sukuu shizuku kuchizukete
Hajiru shoudou sebone nukete iku setsuna
She craned a bit, and there went a kiss
As if she wanted to run away, that moment, her back slipped out of my hand

Kane ga narasanai de anata ni hizama zuki
Mada DAME to sakenda migite ga tsukisasu SAYONARA
Kesenai shou’en wo kousui ni matou hime
Tsuyoi hitomi boku no kodotta kamen goto uchinuku
How I wish that bell wouldn’t ring a sound… My kneels flexed in front of you
Whereas my nay was on its way, the right hand already gave a stab of farewell
My lady, camouflaging her gunpowder smoke by perfume
Her stable eyes, now, was congealed, and her covering was thrown aside…

Ima mo mimi ni anata no toiki ga
Tsukisasaru no tooi yume
SUTENDO GURASU goshi hikaru tsuki ga
Kimi ni kabuseta BEERU
Even now, in my ears, your sigh
was piercing that outreached dream
The stained glass slippers sparkled with the moon
That bell charged you in guilt

DORESU hiza de sakite TIARA wa nagesutete
Mitsume au hitomi to hitomi ga hibana wo hanatsu
Kodoku na tamashii ga honoo age hikare au
Sono namida sukue nai nara marude hitori asobi
That royal costume only made your kneel wear down, let’s throw away your crown
The moment our eyes met, released an inner spark
That flame given to our isolated souls let us incite each other
If I can’t spare you from tears, then this is just my one-sided play

Toki yo tomare ima wa anata ni yoishirete
Yureru kodou hitotsu hitotsu wo kizami tsuketetai
Todomare atsuku nure uchitsukeru takamari ni
Sore ijou wa ugoke nai yo marude FEARI TEIRU
Oh the time, please don’t lave… Let me be intoxicated by you
I only want to engrave this throbbing little by little
Don’t stop, but get me wet in passion, then I would response boldly
From now on, no one could interfere anymore, because this is a fairytale after all


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Lunalis firr ayaile minatro, bleiei yarr drrojitu.

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