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Now AYUTRICA is retired and continued/renewed as Eclipseed, consisting of【S】 in charge of composing, Hoshino Yuka as vocal and emuramao for lyrics and plots. They have new emblem too and that’s it (?).

Edited: I’ve noticed suzunosuke is no longer the frequent illustrator in charge of doing the covers and illustrations, so that’s one more change to count.

Here comes the introduction of their 1st single and 2nd single (which is of late news as both were released last year).



Eclipseed 1st Single「琥珀のSHARION」 (SHARION the Amber)


―Their world was thrown into havoc by the hands of a certain witch.

But it has been a thing of ten years ago.
People got to remember less of the witch’s presence, went through days nursing the trauma she left behind.

The boy who has been living his peaceful days just like that
one day came to meet a lone girl

who told him

that the witch’s shadow is yet put to an end,
that the boy’s power is needed if for regaining peace at its truest.

Then, the boy learned the sight of the chimeric monster lurking in this kingdom,
which was in guise of either a beast, a demon
or any and every shape to the boy and the girl’ notice.

Facing that chimera, the girl appeared so strong and noble, yet much beautiful.
It was obvious that the boy had no place in her battle that none could interfere.

Even so, the girl extended her hand to the boy.

“Please save this world with both arms of your own―”

Allured by those eyes so full of resolve, the boy grabbed her hand.
Later… it dawns on him

… that it has been a blood-stained oath.


Eclipseed 2nd Single「凍てついた紅蓮の炎に裁きを」 (Judgement upon the flame of the frozen crimson)


―That is, the unbeknownst trail of four people.

They gathered as bound by the witch’s doings.
Discreetly eating into this world, the witch Endira’s lingering ravages chase them up.

Follow the lead of the girl who is wise to everything, they got to this land.

Forsaking their cronies,
forsaking their loved ones,
forsaking one’s very pride,

during the journey they pursued, the four know one another better, feel for one another better.
Thus, their bond binds them together in earnest.

Yet the girl who was chosen turned a cold gaze to it.

She, with a heart like frost, soon shows them the blood-stained reality.

Solitude makes one hopeless,
solitude makes one irresolute,
only that one boy― turned to her with those eyes fervent like a flame.

“I will give you both arms of my own no matter what comes”

What kind of judgement will God bestow on the boy’s resolve?

…The boy wields his sword by both arms against the reality he comprehended at such an intricate end.


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Lunalis firr ayaile minatro, bleiei yarr drrojitu.

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