[Eclipseed] // Kyoumei no kodou

Here comes the translation for the second track in Kohaku no Sharion – 1st single of Eclipseed└(:3」┌)┘ It was sitting in my tumblr drafts for months so on this one fine day I felt compelled to finish it not with quality of course.

 Warning is it being fairly spoilerish regarding the content of two singles and the album related to it and let there be gratuitous English.

The link below has all the tracks included and the song starts at ~6:38.


共鳴の鼓動 (kyoumei no kodou) // Heartbeats that resonates

despair – crimson castle, slumbering sadness, my lost country
this pair… the souls leading towards an unsettling revival

unfair is the seal that curses, so cold that I can’t lift my eyes
to share threads that were spun, picking up his presence, his relieving voice

the path we tread is an unforgiving pilgrimage of blood, ripening my great soul
opening this fathomless door, let us together return to where it started

I woke up to my fear, both hands holding onto a secret
my dear – the future unseen to me, the phantom of fruitless pain

the warmth I was depended on slips through my fingers
the dream of two that is closed on, the heartbeats that resonates, fall into darkness


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Lunalis firr ayaile minatro, bleiei yarr drrojitu.

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